Circalights are smart.

They know when you enter the room, providing circadian-friendly illumination where you need it.

It helps when you're around :)

By wearing one of the small UWB fobs included,  any circalight will know when you are near and provide light as you need it, where you leave it.


Welcome friends of sleep!

Finally, a light equipped with LEDs selected specifically because of their high color rendition while having less of an impact on our brain's sleep sensors.

Smarter than a nightlight

The battery-operated pod will go several days on a single charge, and it can go anywhere. Hang it, place it, throw more plug-in night-lights!

dark light slide.jpg

So that's what we did. But we think it would be just as useful in the home, don't you?

You walk into a room with a Circalux pod at night, the circalight knows you've arrived, gently switching on soft warm illumination. As you get closer, the light gets brighter, but it will never be harsh, and its LEDs are sourced to minimize disruption on sleep physiology when you need that little bit of light.

Whether you're going to the baby's room to change a diaper or you've got to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Maybe you have a hiking trip and want a light that won't spoil your connection to nature, all you need is a circalight.

 How would you use a Circalight?


In the press

Nightlights have always been low-tech, it’s about time they got a hospital-grade smart redesign.
— Bon Ku, MD, MPP, Director of JeffDESIGN
Proper sleep hygiene is the first step to a healthy and restful sleep. Circalux is targeting one the prime culprits in our society: light pollution.
— Karl Doghramji, MD, Director of Sleep Disorders Center
We have to use a flashlight to place a Foley catheter because there is no adequate over-bed light...
The lighting is often too harsh in the patient rooms if I turn on the lights to complete my exam in the middle of the night...
— Overnight Nurses surveyed by the US Department of Energy
After I hit 50, I found myself needing to get up to go to the bathroom multiple times a night. This would be very helpful!
— Anonymous VC Manager

There's a Circalux for everyone.