Three medical students from Thomas Jefferson University  β€“ Lorenzo Albala, Graham Hale, and Tim Bober – founded Circalux, Inc. in June 2016 with the goal of improving sleep hygiene for hospital patients. We have since created a proprietary portable LED-based lighting system that employs circadian-friendly technology for sleep-deprived populations to get the rest that they need to heal and grow. Our intervention provides a cost-effective, biologically-informed, proximity-sensing tool for caregivers to perform overnight tasks without unhinging circadian physiology. 

Our mission and goal is to bring circadian lighting to the market, through education and innovation.

Lorenzo Albala (Co-founder/CEO) is a medical student at Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA) with a Masters in biomedical engineering with experience working as a prototype engineer at a small start-up device company and working with CAD software to 3D-print a human torso surgical training tool. 

Dave Hanrahan (CFO)  is an investment banker at Madison Park Group specializing in M&A advisory for software and technology companies. Previously, Dave worked for Susquehanna Growth Equity, one of the preeminent suppliers of growth capital to enterprise software companies on the East Coast. 

Tim Bober (Co-founder/Chief Communication Expert) grew up in a small town outside Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Penn State in 2012 with degrees in English and Vertebrate Physiology .  As a former competitive public speaker, he is in charge of gathering background research and crafting the company message of Circalux.  He is eager to develop circadian-informed lighting devices for the home and hospital.

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